The Grand Experiment is a 501(c)3 public charity
administered by and for the recovery/homeless
community of Lake County, Illinois USA
The Grand Experiment Charities, Inc.

A   New

*We are a community
based charity that
offers support to
those living with the
disease of addiction
and we  receive
funding from a
variety of sources
including you, the
general public.

*Our work is
dedicated to
improving the lives
of those in need
through housing and
other support

*Our recipients are
both individual and
organization based.

*Our success story is
available to anyone
who has interest in
knowing us.
First Tee Golf
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As seen above The Grand
Experiment Charities
administered a donation to
sponsor 10 children in the local
First Tee Camp for Kids
From Left to Right:  Our Manager of
Logistics-Darnell Sitton; Our President
and Founder-Robert(Bob)Colson; Our
Vice-President and Manager of
Operations-Laurence(Larry)J. Wolf Sr.,
at the Waukegan and Lake County
Social Services Expo.
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We welcome your support
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